What We Do

We are passionate about uncovering the insights that help our clients build brands, and are experts in qualitative, quantitative and hybrid methodologies.  Our research is custom designed to address each client’s specific needs, and we are equally comfortable gathering and interpreting insights from consumers, professionals and employees.


  • Brand Positioning Development and Refinement
  • Competitive Brand Imagery Assessment
  • Brand DNA and Brand Essence Identification
  • Brand Extendibility
  • Brand Revitalization
  • Packaging Structure and Graphics Assessment
  • Product Concept Evaluation and Refinement
  • Advertising and Direct Mail Communication Testing
  • New Geography and Distribution Channel Expansion


  • Face to Face Focus Groups and Mini Groups
  • Online Focus Groups and Bulletin Boards
  • Face to Face and Telephone Depth Interviews
  • In-Store Interviews and Shopper Research
  • Ethnographic Interviews
  • Observational Research
  • Facilitation and Idea Generation Sessions


  • Awareness, Attitude and Usage Studies
  • Attitude Based Segmentation
  • Needs Based Segmentation
  • Concept Testing
  • TURF Analysis
  • Product Testing (iHUT and CLT)
  • Product/Concept/Volumetrics
  • Package Design and Structure Testing
  • Sensory Testing and Product Optimization
  • Omnibus Data Mining
  • Brand Imagery Tracking